About Us

Robert Wilson has a Masters Degree in the Science of Oriental Medicine, he is a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Hypnotherapist. He has over fourteen years of clinical experience.

“My approach to healing is very interactive. The best results for treating complex diseases are not from patients passively receiving treatment, but rather by teamwork.
On my end of the equation, I use mutual analysis and treatment of problems that combine 2 powerful aspects:
1] Classical Chinese Medicine, and
2] The induction of patient self-awareness, consciousness, and authenticity, to create the most productive way to truly dissolve problems. This means that the patient who is proactive, who truly seeks to be healed, has the most favorable outcome.

The best strategy for healing is genuine teamwork. The ancient Chinese classics say that disease ultimately comes from the mind or emotions. Therefore true healing involves the patient re-acquiring the natural balance and unity of the mind. Without those conditions being met, it is difficult for the body to have the natural harmony it is designed for.

I approach this unification of Body and Mind from two angles, when possible. First, through the body via Chinese Medicine’s Acupuncture, TuiNa, Herbal Medicine Qi Gong, and other body level interventions, and second, through the Mind, utilizing Hypnotherapy, Change Work, NLP, Life Counseling, Meditation, Indepth discussion, etc.

“My medical practice is not an assembly line, and you and your body are not machines. My approach to healing is a way of helping you return to your real Self” Robert Wilson has been actively pursuing Chinese Medical knowledge, both esoteric and exoteric, full time for over 20 yrs. He began in his early
20’s with the study of Asian philosophy as a complement to his university training in Western Philosophy. Soon, he moved to Asian philosophy exclusively, and from there became intensively involved in Asian cultivation philosophy and its methodologies. This still informs all of his learning and development to date. After about 8 years of this earlier cultivation and study, he began his formal study in professional Chinese Medicine at Midwest College for the Study of
Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin, and in Chicago.

He completed his Masters degree coursework in Chinese Medicine in 2000 but continues his education. His post-graduate Chinese Medicine Teachers have included: Jeffrey Yuen, Will Morris, Miki Shima, Sensei Kobyashi, Lonny Jarrett, Richard Tan, Leon Chen, Arnaud Versluys, Jimmy Chang, Chuan Min Wang, Susan Johnson, and others.

His main esoteric teachers have included: Mantak Chia, Huang Yu Cheng, Master Wu Zhongxian, Master Chen Yun Xiang, Deborah Trimmer, Samuel Sagan, Paul Aurand, Shibendu Lahiri, & Yogiraj Gurunath Siddinath.

He also has formal training in Hypnotherapy from the Leidecker Institute in Illinois.

His free time is spent noticing that he doesn’t have any free time.