My approach to healing is very interactive.

The best results for treating complex diseases are achieved by teamwork.

What We Do

No doubt if you are new to Chinese Medicine and other modalities you might wonder “Can this help ME?”

Different modalities in medicine have their tremendous successes and failures. If you have a broken leg, go to the hospital, have an xray and a good orthopedic doctor evaluate your treatment options, of course. That is obvious, but when your problem is allergies, hormones, arthritis, mood problems, or viral disease, for instance, what will actually help?

If your M.D. has told you all treatment options are exhausted, or that you have to learn to live with your pain, or recommends that you look into some alternatives, is there some actual help out there that will not take forever, and cost an arm & a leg?

Our Mission

“Instant pain relief” is just as it sounds. It is the ideal for pain treatment that I hold myself to, and I achieve this about 90% of the time.

It is accomplished by precise teamwork with my patients to locate the exact site of pain, and together to choose the acupuncture points that instantly change the magnitude of pain, usually down to below 10% of its pre-treatment state, and often to the point of elimination. This provides tremendous pain relief to chronic pain sufferers.

Under the right conditions and in the right hands, true acupuncture really works this fast– its like hot water thrown on top of freezing snow that has blocked your way…it instantly melts away.

Examples of Our Work

My medical practice is not an assembly line, and you and your body are not machines. Learn More